Fair Ticket and Armband Sales
Uniform Policy 2015-2016
8th grade supply list 2015-2016
7th grade supply list 2016-2016
6th grade supply list 2015-2016
2015-2016 Summer Reading List
4th Quarter Bulletin

School Events
10/5/2015 to 10/9/2015
•  Greater Gulf State Fair Ticket and Armband Sale Extended to Oct. 9th!

Fine Arts Events
•  Teacher Workday (No School)  (Band)

Library Events
•  First Quarter Ends AR Goal Deadline 100% Complete
•  Teacher Workday (No School)

1st Quarter EQT Schedule October 6-9

Tuesday 10/6


7:30-7:40               Homeroom                                                  

7:40-8:00               First Period-Quick Review

8:00-9:28               First Period EQT

9:31-10:21             Third Period

10:25-11:45           Fourth Period

11:48-12:38           Fifth Period

12:41-1:31             Sixth Period

1:35-2:25               Second Period (no seventh period)


Wednesday 10/7


7:30-7:40     Homeroom

7:42-9:12     2nd Period EQT                                            

9:15-10:45   3rd Period EQT                          

10:48-12:03 4th Period               LUNCH-different time but normal grouping


12:07-12:57 5th Period

1:00- 1:45    Return to Homeroom/Reading/Make up Assignments

1:50-2:25     7th Period


Thursday 10/8


7:30-7:40     Homeroom

7:42-9:12     4th Period EQT                                   

9:15-10:45   5th Period EQT                                             

10:48-12:03  6th Period               LUNCH-different time see yesterday


12:07-12:57  1st Period

1:00-1:45     Etiquette Assembly

1:50-2:25     7th Period


Friday 10/9


7:30-7:40     Homeroom                                                   

7:42-9:12     6th Period EQT                                                                

9:15-10:45   7th Period EQT

10:48-12:03  1st Period               Lunch –see times yesterday

12:07-12:57  2nd Period

1:00-1:45     Assembly               Meet the Basketball Teams and Cheerleaders

1:50-2:25     3rd Period               Students who made their AR goal will remain in the gym;  

                                                Everyone else will report to 3rd period


These two pieces will be sent to the Eastern Shore Art Center to represent Dunbar Magnet School for the AAEA art conference. The painting on the left was done by our Art Teacher Ms. Duffis, and the painting on the left was done by 7th grader Mary Marinescu!!! The show is called "Show one Teach One"




The Advanced Art 3 Kids have done it again!!!

Ms. Duffis and her Advanced Art 3 students presented District Attorney Ashley Rich their artwork for the Anti-Bullying Campaign.

The banner will be displayed next week for everyone to see.

Congratulations for all of their hard work!!!


The following students have been selected for Scholars Bowl.


A Team

 Lileah Gomes, Blair Lain, Alexia Malone, Greigh Northcutt, Natalia Trejo, Reginald Turner, and Alex Vassel-Thornton.


B Team

 Mackenzie Burnett, Kristofer Carter, Steven Dugan, Dalton Jowers, Acacia Keeby, Bailey Scopolites, Sarah Sims, and Jovaness Soekkies.


Congratulations guys!




Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Dunbar Tiger Cheerleaders!!!

Aaliyah Davis
Alexandria Shaw
Renell Henderson
Kelsie Rodgers
Faith Harvill
Tamiah Reed
Jamie Roberts
Summer Reiss
Ravyn Lang
Reagan Shackelford
Grace Floyd
Jasmine Roberts
Melody Vrocher​
Kai Benjamin






Due to several teachers having training on September 3rd, we have officially moved our PTO Open House to September 17th at 6PM.

PTO Newsletter 2015

These two pieces will be sent to the Eastern Shore Art Center to represent Dunbar Magnet School for the AAEA art conference....

We are a BYOD school!

History comes alive!
1st place Tri-Folds

Calling all artists....

Student drop off:   7:05- 7:30 Tardy Bell  7:30  Students must be in their classroom by the 7:30 bell or...