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Beginning and Intermediate Choir

These classes are specifically designed to introduce (or to refresh) many of the musical skills and knowledge needed to sing and perform music as an ensemble. We will begin by learning basic music theory including: rhythm patterns, note names, clef differences, and how to put them all together. We will also start learning how to sing using solfege(Do,Re,Mi,Fa,Sol,La,Ti,Do). Students will learn the hand signs to these and how to apply them to their sight-reading.  Singing in a choir is a group effort so along with everything we do there will be team building skills and friendship cultivating activities. Most importantly the students will learn how to make beautiful music with their peers while developing their artistic gifts and having fun! The fee is $30.00 and includes a t-shirt which will be our uniform for our concerts.


Show Choir

Show Choir is an art that combines singing in a choral setting with dancing choreographed shows. In this class we
will review the basic concepts of music theory as well as music vocabulary and solfege. Movement of some variety will be a part of many rehearsals. Students should wear shoes that are safe and comfortable to move in. This class will perform a selection of repertoire (music) that allows for movement, solos, and group singing.  Show Choir will be performing at a competition this year. Please be on the lookout for a handout with more information about this within the next month. There will be a fundraiser to assist with the cost. Show Choir is a special chance for
the students to explore their voices, develop their talents, and experience music in a physical way! The fee for first year members is $75.  The fee for returning members is $65.



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