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Taylor, Timesha Principal
Hudgens, Michelle Guidance Counselor

Batey, Mary Media Specialist
Creamer, Mary 6th Science
Currie, Jenni PACE/Advanced Language Arts
Dailey, Angela Math 6 and 7
Daniel, Scott PE
Dismukes, Sonia Special Education (Homebound)
Duffis, Linda Art
Goodrich, Shelia Dance, Jazz
Greaves, Kittie Reading Intervention/Title 1 Facilitator/ELA 6
Harrell, Susan P.E./Baton
Haskell, Lisa Math Intervention
Hensarling, Catherine Language Arts/Science 6
King, Jonathan Science 6 and 8
Laubenthal, Walter 7th Social Studies/Civics and Geography/6th Grade Social Studies
Lett, Felicia Strings/Guided Study
Lowell, Collin Social Studies 8/Guided Study
Mashburn, Cole Language Arts 6 and 8
May, Angela Science 6 and 7
Mayfield, Ben Band/Guided Study
Rice, John 8th Grade Math
Ritter, Stuart 6th Social Studies
Ruffin, Joylyn Chorus/Musical Theatre/Piano
Smith, Wyndell Language Arts 6 and 7
Smith-Lofton, Michelle Math 6
Souto, Jeanne Title One Math Intervention/Special Ed/Math 6
Taylor, Timesha Principal
Thompson, Kimberly Drama/Musical Theatre/Journalism/Reading Intervention
Thompson, Thomas Computer Ed/Drama Tech/6th Grade Social Studies/Guided Study
Torjusen, Micah Dance/Ballet

Bolar, Gloria Custodian
Chancey, Derrick Custodian
Fore, Amelia Custodian
Giles, Kathy Instructional Aide
Norman, Linda Registrar
Smith, Sophia Bookkeeper
Thompson, Jennifer Cafeteria Manager
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