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 recent                      Continuing Education workshops through Mobile County Public School System.

 2003                        Graduate Directed studies courses on French philosophy and French Art History: six semester hours,

                                 University of South Alabama, Mobile.

1989 – 91             MASTER of EDUCATION, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama.

 1979 – 81             MASTER of ARTS curriculum, French Literature, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

                                Fellowship, Teaching Assistantship, James Lamar McCann Scholarship. 

1977 – 78             ETUDES FRANCAISES pour L’ETRANGER , Sorbonne, Paris. 

1974 – 77                BACHELOR of ARTS, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama.

                                 Freshman Honorary, E. Curtis B. Lewis Award, Phi Alpha Theta History Honorary,

                                Cum Laude.   




 2015 to Present   FRENCH TEACHER, Murphy High School, Mobile, Alabama

 2007 to 2015        FRENCH TEACHER, Mary G. Montgomery High School, Mobile, Alabama.

 2004 - 07                 FRENCH INSTRUCTOR, NASILP Coordinator, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama.

 2004 Fall                 FRENCH INSTRUCTOR, taught accelerated elementary French in the Lifelong Learning Program,    Springhill College, Mobile.

 2003 Fall                 FRENCH INSTRUCTOR, Springhill College, Mobie

  2002 - 03                FRENCH INSTRUCTOR, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama.

 2002-2009               ESL INSTRUCTOR, Université Nouvelle de Marne la Vallée, Paris, France.

1999 - 2002             INSTRUCTOR of ESL, ESME-Sudria and Université Nouvelle de Marne la Vallée, Paris, France.

1997 – 2002         TEACHER of ESL, Anglais 94, Nogent sur Marne, France.

1999 – 2000         TEACHER of ESL, ALNA, St Maur des Fossés, France.

1996 - 97                 ANGLOPHONE ASSISTANT, Bilingual Montessori School, Joinville-le-Pont, France.

1994 – 95                FULBRIGHT TEACHER EXCHANGE, CES St. Exupéry, Vincennes, France.                                  

 1991 – 95                FRENCH TEACHER, St. Paul’s School, Mobile, Alabama.

1985 - 88                FRENCH INSTRUCTOR / LANGUAGE LAB DIRECTOR , University of South Alabama, Mobile.                             

1983 - 84                FRENCH TEACHER, Bayside Academy, Daphné, Alabama.                                 

1978 - 79                SECOND GRADE TEACHER, Aquinas Academy, Mobile, Alabama.

1981 - 82          




       -     Honorary Consul to France

 -           Current Class A Alabama teaching certificate.

 -           Owner and Manager of Piddlin’ Acres Boarding Stables

 -           President of the Mobile Chapter of the « Alliance Française » from 1987 to 1991, where I was responsible for the

                selection of programs and speakers, preparation of the meetings and cultural programs.

 -           Translations:

University of South Alabama Medical School, medical research articles on childbirth, from French to English, 2007.

Mobile Chamber of Commerce Quality of Life presentation for EADS, from French to English, 2006.  

       Huntsman Chemical, risk analysis documents form French to English, 2006.

       Corse Air’s Airbus 330 « Maintenance Procedures Manuals » from French to English for

                     Mobile Aerospace Engineering, 2003.              

                DANIEL GRAFFIN SCULPTURES , from French to English, Editions Ninety pour l ‘Association Française

             d’Action Artistique, 1993.

 -           Traveled extensively in France, England, Sweden, Lebanon, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Canada.

-           Grader for the entrance exam, French and English sections, of prestigious French Universities: Ecole Nationale

                 Supérieure d’arts et Métiers et aux Grandes Ecoles Assimilées, 2002, Paris, France.

-           Proficient in Word and Excel.

         -     At personal level: collect antique vehicles; restore antique furniture and a 1906 Victorian cottage;

       compete in classical equitation: dressage and jumping.         

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