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4th Quarter Tentative Math 6 Advanced Syllabus  

The 4th Quarter Tentative Math 6 Advanced Syllabus can be found under presentations.  I plan to work through two CMP books:  Decimal Ops and Covering and Surrounding.

4th Quarter Social Studies Tentative Syllabus  

The 4th quarter Social Studies TENTATIVE syllabus can be found under presentations.  We just completed World War I and I hope to get through the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression and World War II. 

3rd Quarter Social Studies EQT Study Guide  

The 3rd Quarter EQT Social Studies EQT Study Guide can be found under presentations.

Students will take the EQT on Thursday.  The EQT will be charts, maps, timelines, etc.

We will be practicing in class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Social Studies Chapter 8 handouts  

Social Studies handouts for Chapter 8 may be found under presentations.  If a student loses their handout, they are responsible for making a copy.

Math 6 Advanced Homework Packet  

The homework packet for Math 6 Advanced is listed under presentations.  If a student loses the packet, they will not be issued a new one.  The packet can be printed.

3rd Quarter Syllabus: Math 6 Advanced & Social Studies  

Tentative 3rd Quarter Syllabus for both Math 6 Advanced and Social Studies may be found presentations.

Remind for Social Studies  

I am not sure what is occurring; however, the website will not update my Welcome to Social Studies post.  The remind code listed there is not correct.  The correct code for Social Studies is @lh6ss.

Sorry for any confusion.  

Using Socrative to prepare for tests.  

Students may use Socrative to prepare for upcoming tests.

You need to go to

The site will ask what room.  The name of the room is Haskell1

After you get into the room, it will ask for student's name.  Students need to use their FIRST and LAST name.  After the student's name is enter, the review will begin.  Students may take the review more than once. 

Social Studies Students may use Socrative to prepare for the upcoming test on Friday.

Copies of Social Studies handouts  

Students are given one copy of handouts in class.  The handout is hole-punched so students can put the copy in their binder or folder.  If a student loses their copy, an extra copy can be downloaded from the presentations section.  Extra copies are NOT given to students.

Setting up a Conference  

Due to my schedulele being changed, my planning/conference period has changed from 12:30 to 1:15.  Conference requests can be made through email.  Although I try to meet with parents as soon as requested, sometimes it just is not possible due to professional meetings or other conferences.  After arriving on campus, you need to sign in at the front office.  Normally I will be informed that you have arrived and will meet you there.  Signing in and receiving a visitors pass is very important in keeping our school safe.  All visitors on campus should have a pass.  Since my classroom is next to a main entrance, I look for that visitor pass as adults in the building.  Please do not show up without a conference. 


6th Grade CMP online textbook  

6th Advanced students have access to the CMP online book.  The website address is:   

All 3rd period students are enrolled. 

Their UserName is their FirstnameLastname3  Example: LisaHaskell3

Their Password is:  Haskell3

Once students have signed in there are several questions to answer. 

The following students have special User Names:  Hannah B, James H,   You must include your middle initial between first and last names.  Example:  LisaKHaskell3

Olivia, your User Name is just your first and last name.  There is not a 3 at the end.


Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies!  

Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies!  I realize I am your child's third Social Studies teacher in the very short time they have been at Dunbar Magnet School.  However, I have no intention of leaving and I believe all classroom changes have been made. 

Although I have taught math at Dunbar for the past nine years, I do have experience teaching Social Studies.  At Dodge Elementary I team taught Social Studies for four years, which I enjoyed greatly.  

The grades for Social Studies will consist of three categories:

10%        POD / Classwork

30%        Daily Work / Quiz

60%        Tests / Projects


Using www.remind will allow you to be aware of upcoming quizzes, tests, and projects.  Please do not message me using Remind.  I will not reply.  I only get on the Remind website when I am sending a quiz, test, or project notice.  The Social Studies class code is:  @lh6ss 

Assignments on my website will allow you to know the upcoming weeks activities.

Please use my Dunbar website to contact me.  I attempt to reply within 24 hours. 

I look forward to teaching your child this coming year!

Welcome to Dunbar Magnet School  

Welcome to Dunbar Magnet School!  I am excited that I will be your child's math and social studies teacher this coming year.  My advanced math class will be using the Connected Mathematics Program.  This is a wonderful program that all 7th and 8th graders use.  Students work in groups to complete investigations.  I monitor groups to make sure all groups are on track.  There are very few multiple choice assessments; students have to explain and justify their answers, which aids in their writing.  I am starting my tenth year at Dunbar and love it.  All magnet schools have high expectations; however, not all magnet schools give students experience in juggling activities and academics.  When our students attend high school, they do not miss a beat trying to juggle clubs, athletics, field trips, along with academics. 



Mrs. Lisa Haskell

Math and Social Studies Courses

2017 - 2018

Dunbar Magnet School


 Email: Email is the quickest way to reach me. When I am at school, email is checked twice daily. Materials and information needed to answer questions are in my classroom which is easily assessed when email is used. The telephone number for Dunbar Magnet School is 221-2160. You may also write me a note and I will be happy to reply. I try to answer all parent requests within 24 hours. I do not response to a student verbally telling me that I need to call their parent.



 Students will be issued a McGraw-Hill textbook/workbook. Students will be instructed when to bring textbook to class.   If your child loses the issued textbook, you will need to PURCHASE a replacement. Along with the textbook, your child will receive information on accessing the textbook online. The online program is a wonderful tool. Students are able to access the textbook, tutors, self-quizzes among other helpful items. Students who have used the program have seen great improvements on their tests and overall course average.  Although the McGraw-Hill textbook/workbook is a great resource, we work at a much higher level at Dunbar.  Your child will be using the  Connected Mathematics Program (CMP) this coming year.  All 7th and 8th grade, along with 6th Advanced  classes used the program last year and will do so again this year.  There is only a class set of textbook, therefore, it is important that students complete the assignments in class.  Taking notes is the biggest challenge for students.  I also allow students to take a picture of the book/assignment at the end of class.


Students will need a binder with 5 dividers, notebook paper, graph paper, pencils, and a pen. Students need to bring materials daily in order to be prepared and successful in Math. When supplies are depleted, students are expected to purchase more supplies. A calculator is STRONGLY SUGGESTED



 Math course grades are divided into 3 categories. Each category is important. When one category grade is low, it often brings the course grade down. It is important to keep all three categories as high as possible in order to be successful.


 QUIZ/DAILY: 30%   



Assessments are given  An assessment can be a 30% quiz or a 60% test. Assessments can be cumulative covering all topics that have been taught in class. Once a topic has been taught and tested, the topic will continue to appear on upcoming tests. Therefore mastery of the topic is important for students. When a student knows they will not be present for the test, it is strongly suggested that the students take the test early. If a student misses a test, they will be allowed to take the test; however, the student often forgets the material resulting in a lower grade. The make-up test will be given the day the students returns to class or several days later.

Retests are given if a grade is a 59 or below only on tests and are given after material is retaught.  It is the student’s responsibility to return to my class during an elective class to retest.


A daily grade/quiz is given normally weekly. The topics may include previously taught material or current topic material. Most are pop-quizzes.  Once INTEGERS have been introduced they  are tested throughout the year without the use of a calculator.


Math homework is given nightly unless an assessment was given. Homework is important for skill reinforcement. Homework is checked daily in class; however a homework grade is not taken daily. The class begins with a daily Problem of the Day. Students are expected to complete the POD daily. PODs are graded after every 5 th problem. Students may receive a 0 or 1 for assignments in the Homework/PODs category. If a student does not have their homework, when homework is checked, a grade of 0 will be assigned. A student can NOT make up a grade of a 0. If the student receives a 1, it means the student was not present either when the assignment was given or when the assignment was graded. If the student receives a 1 on a POD, they may complete the assignment for credit.

Parents often ask about extra credit. MCPSS does not allow extra credit. So, it is important that your child does their best throughout the quarter and keeps their average about 70.


Missed Classes:  

If a student misses a class, it is the student’s responsibility to make up the assignment. The student needs to contact the teacher for the missed assignment. Since Dunbar Magnet School is a performing arts school, students are often out of the class due to performing art classes. When a student is out of class, regardless of the reason, they are still responsible for the material and assignments that was covered during their absence. If the student misses a class, they are still required to complete any previously announced assessment.  Being at a school activity (field trip, rehearsal, etc) is NOT a reason for not completing the assessment when the student returns to class.  An example: out of class on Thursday for rehearsal, student is still expected to complete assessment on Friday.  It is very important that students check the assignment board for upcoming assessments. "I was practicing," is not an excuse.



INOW is the BEST way to be informed on your child’s progress in Math! Please check with the front office to receive your child’s INOW information. Students whose parents regularly check INOW normally are successful. The MCPSS Magnet School Program requires an overall course average of 70. The best way to insure your child stays in good standing is to stay current on their math or social studies grade.


Classroom Behavior:  

Students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to learn. The state of Alabama adopted the Common Core Standards. The course work is rigorous and moves quickly. The Connected Mathematics Program skills build upon each other.  Therefore, classroom behavior is important.  I expect to spend my time in the classroom teaching and assisting students NOT dealing with BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS! When I have to take time away from the lesson to correct misbehavior, instruction is stopped for all students. Misbehavior is not tolerated in consideration of ALL classroom students.


Struggling Math Students:  

Math 7 Advanced and Math 6 Advanced can be very difficult for some students. McGraw-Hill offers a FREE website which is very helpful to students. The website offers tutors, extra practice, quizzes among other tools. I strongly suggest having your struggling child utilize the website often. Although Dunbar does offer enrichment and tutoring to students who qualify, I do not have the authority to place your child in either program. If your student struggled in Math. I would suggest taking steps to ensure they are successful. Your student must have a yearly overall 70 math average to remain at Dunbar. Keeping current on your child’s math grade is imperative. Waiting until April or May to raise a low math average is often too late.


Dunbar Website: Please use my Dunbar website to stay current with your student’s math activities. I try to post all upcoming assessments. I also try to list helpful websites or anything else I think will help your child.



I look forward to teaching your child this year. With all of us working together, your child should be successful!



Although students have completed direct instruction on integers, integers do NOT go away.  Integers are used throughout the year, therefore, integers are tested throughout the year. Students will complete Daily Integer Assessments several times a quarter.  Please check INOW to see how your student is doing.  It is one of the most important skills they learn in 7th grade. 

If they are still struggling with integers, the textbook website is a great resource.  You can find the information in Chapter 3.

 service service is an excellent way to stay current on class activities, assignments, and assessments.  Text messages will be sent to parents and/or students who sign up.  Below are the instructions for Math 6 Advanced  and Social Studies 6.  I try my best to remember to send the messages.  However, there are times I do forget and there are times I remember at 9 o'clock at night.  I apologize for any missed or late messages.


Math 6 Advanced:  Text the message  @lhmath6dv to (251) 241-0541.  You get a follow-up message asking you to text your name back so that you will be signed up.  That is all you have to do.


Social Studies 6:  Text the message   @lh6ss to (251)  241-0541.  You get a follow-up message asking you to text your name back so that you will be signed up.  That is all you have to do.


Some parents have texted 81010 and then in the message part they use @lh6ss or @lhmath6dv. 



Weekly Assignments  

Please check under Assignments for weekly activities

Helpful Math Websites  

Besides the McGraw-hill textbook website, here are some other helpful math websites:

Mc-Graw-Hill Textbook Website  


McGraw-Hill offers a textbook website to assist students.  It is a great tool for all students.  I strongly encourage all struggling students to use the website NIGHTLY.  Below is the information to create an account.   Click on Create Account.  You will be asked for a redemption code.

Redemption Codes:    6th grade:  XL2Z- YPOJ- HGXG- 418J  7th grade:  XTNP-0588- JWG7-5HX9 8th grade:  YGC3-KTZW-3V8C-WMF3

After asking for student's first name and last initial, you will be given an user name and password. ***WRITE down both.  You will not see them again.

After creating an account, you should be able to use the website.  There are several tools including tutors, quizzes, extra problems, etc.


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