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6th Grade/Honors Language Arts and Reading



From the Desk of Mrs. Kittie D. Greaves

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians,

     I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Mrs. Greaves' 6th Grade Language Arts/Reading class.  For those who are new to our school community, I would like to extend a special Dunbar Magnet School Welcome.  I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer vacation. 

     This school year, our mission at Dunbar Magnet School is to focus on preparing students through an integration of the arts to become literate, productive, self-confident, responsible students, who are able to function independently in a technological world.  This goal will be accomplished through the partnership of both home and school.

     It is my belief that we are working together, as partners, in the education of your child.  We should both be full aware of this year's objectives and your child's progress.  This will be accomplished by you, as the parent, continuously completing the following: checking INOW for your child's weekly grades, being aware of assignments/tests/projects listed on quarterly syllabi, and conferencing with me as needed for academic and behavioral concerns. Formula: PARENTS+TEACHERS+STUDENTS=SUCCESS!

     The first syllabus is attached to this letter. The upcoming syllabi will be posted on Dunbar's website.  The syllabus will provide an overview of the course's content for the quarter.  A copy of it should be placed in the front of your child's notebook in a sheet protector to remind them of upcoming assignments/projects/tests.

     I hope that together-you, your child, and I can make this school year rewarding and productive.

                                                          Thanking you in advance for your full cooperation,

                                                          Mrs. Kittie D. Greaves, M.Ed.


Students are to adhere to all school rules and policies as listed in the student's handbook.  In addition, they are to follow the following classroom rules, daily:

Classroom Rules:                                                                                             Consequences:      

Be on time and in proper uniform.                                                          1. Verbal Warning

Enter quietly, and be seated.                                                                  2. Student/Teacher Conference

Have all required materials daily.                                                             3. Parent/Teacher Conference

Always ask permission before speaking or moving.                                 4. Office Referral

Value your work, your classmates and others.

Exit quietly and with permission.



Your child will have homework every night, except on Fridays.  Homework will consist of written assignments, reading selections, completing projects, or studying for a test.  All writing assignments must be kept in the student's notebookfor graded notebook checks.


Assignments are due on given due dates.  When a student returns after an absence, they have three days to complete assignments and turn them in.  It is the student's responsibility to ask for the assignments.  Any graded assignments not turned in within the three day time period will result in a grade of "0".


Throughout the year, students will complete quarterly projects which relate to the curriculum.  Students will receive detailed information and instructions about the projects throughout each quarter.  Projects turned in late will be penalized.


The Grading System is as follows:

•  60% Tests

•  30% Quizzes, daily work, projects, participation, notebook checks, etc.

•  10% Homework

•   EQT=20% of the final quarterly grade

Please be advised that students at Dunbar may fail with a "D" rather than an "E". You may monitor your child's progress through the year on the INOW home module at  See Mrs. Norman, in the office, to get your child's password.



If you need to schedule a conference, call the front office and schedule a conference or email me at .  School phone: 221-2160  Fax: 221-2161

I will respond to you within 24 hours.