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Student Expectations



In order to provide a safe and orderly climate, maximize student learning, and enjoy the exciting and unique curriculum offered at Dunbar, all staff, parents, and students are expected to demonstrate behavior consistent with the Code of Conduct, the magnet school requirements, and those behaviors expected of good citizens!


Expectations will be taught and modeled by a highly qualified staff, supported by the parents, and required of the students. Please review the Mobile County Public School Code of Conduct carefully as this is the document that guides conduct and consequences for Dunbar students.


Students who attend Dunbar Magnet School of Creative and Performing Arts are held to the following expectations:


“Follow the lead” of all adults in the school building.

 “Show courtesy, kindness, and respect” to everyone.

Arrive “on time” and “prepared” for all subjects everyday.

Move about the building and classrooms “quietly and orderly”.