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Academic Focus

Academic Focus


The Common Core Standards for math and language arts are very challenging as objectives that have normally been taught in upper grades have been pushed down into lower grade levels. There is also a focus on application of skills, problem solving, and writing. We will work very hard to fill in the gaps, while staying on course with the new objectives. It will be imperative that all students complete homework every day. Yes, your child will have math homework every day to increase math skills.


Students will take a test within the first two weeks of school to determine their ability level in reading and math. Students may be placed in an intervention class based on these test results, ASPIRE test results, and/or last years language arts and/or math grade. This will mean sacrificing an elective. This will be an administrative decision.


As you know, I believe the best way to become a great reader is to read! All fun will be tied to reading goals. Students will have goals set for them based on their reading ability. EVERY student is expected to meet their reading goals quarterly. EVERY student is expected to read thirty minutes every night! So, yes your child has reading homework every night. We expect parents to make sure your child has a book every day, ask them questions about their reading selection, sign those reading logs, and monitor their AR Progress at the available website!


If a student fails to meet the quarterly reading goal, reading intervention class will be assigned meaning the student is sacrificing an elective. Students in advanced art classes, basketball, cheerleading, etc., will not be able to travel with their group, assist with recruitment, or participate in games unless their reading goal has been met, or they are making adequate progress toward their reading goal. There will BE NO EXCEPTIONS. Students in advanced groups and sports take on a leadership role and we expect them to take their academic studies seriously in order to participate in “other” activities.


Students who meet their goals quarterly will be recognized via announcements daily, names posted on the board, and enjoy a quarterly field trip or party. The top ten readers will enjoy a special treat at the end of the school year! We will also have occasional surprises and treats throughout the year for student’s reaching their goal. Students who do not meet their goals will not be allowed to attend pep rallies, assemblies, field trips or participate in any extra-curricular activities. We have to make reading a priority in order to prepare our student’s for high school.


Please support our academic focus by monitoring your child’s reading and math homework every night!