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Parental Involvement

Parent Involvement

Parents are strongly encouraged to actively participate in their child’s education and join the Parent-Teacher Organization (P.T.O.)


Please call the office @ 221-2160 to make an appointment to see a teacher or visit a classroom.


Parental input is necessary and actively sought through both formal and informal means. Parents should understand, however, that the operation of the school is the responsibility of the school personnel.

By choosing to enroll a child at Dunbar Magnet School, parents, have provided their child with an opportunity to receive an excellent education. In addition, parents have accepted the responsibility to provide the appropriate encouragement, guidance, and home environment to foster the most helpful learning situation possible.


Parents should uphold our school philosophy in the following ways:

· Support the academic philosophy and assist in its continuity

· Support the dress code

· Support the discipline policy

· Support the attendance policy

· Use proper channels for contacting school personnel

teacher when dealing with students performance or classroom attitude

guidance counselor when dealing with a student’s personal or school problems

administrator/sponsor when dealing with behavior problems

principal when dealing with school programs or activities

· Provide a suitable time and place for homework and ensure that homework is completed and turned in on time

· Ensure student submits his/her original work

· Review papers brought home by students

· Sign and return promptly all school-related papers

· Maintain mutual responsibility with the child for arriving at school on time

· Participate in various activities needing parents’ assistance