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Feeder Patten Pyramid of Discipline

Discipline Procedures

Inappropriate behavior will be addressed immediately and may result in removal from the Magnet Program. Please read carefully!


Leflore High School Feeder Pattern Discipline Plan

2015-2016 Discipline Focus: Improve student behavior while decreasing suspension days (loss of instructional time)


Feeder Pattern Concerns:


o Bullying

o Students lack of respect for teachers, peers, and self

o Excessive tardiness to school

o Failure to follow the Dress Code Policy

Unprepared for classes


Feeder Pattern Student Expectations:


o Students will arrive on time and be prepared for class daily

o Students will follow the Code of Conduct as required for all students enrolled in MCPSS

o Students will respect teachers and staff, self and others, and facilities

o Students will follow the Dress Code Policy for their school


Feeder Pattern Teacher Expectations:


o Teachers will implement Positive Behavior Interventions on a daily basis

o Teachers will implement progressive discipline utilizing the Discipline Pyramid

o Teachers will model respectful behavior for students by interacting in a positive manner with students, staff, and administration

o Teachers will dress appropriately following the MCPSS Dress Code Policy


Progressive Discipline


o Teachers will use Tier One strategies in the classroom to address A and B offenses

o Teachers will conference with parents prior to an office referral and/or detention

o Teachers will assign and hold detention as needed

o Counselor referrals will be made as needed

o Tier II interventions will be recommended by grade level team

o Tier II and Tier III interventions may be handled by the administration

Parents are expected to support this discipline plan and monitor their child’s records.