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Bus Information and Policy

Bus Transportation


Transportation to Dunbar Magnet School is provided by the Mobile County Public School System. Bus pick-up sites are centralized. See the counselor for information. Buses will unload/load students at St. Anthony Street each morning and afternoon. Those arriving and departing by car will unload/load at State Street.


*****Failure to follow these procedures may result in student being removed from Dunbar. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform other parties who may pick up their child of these procedures*****





Riding the bus is a privilege. Bus transportation is provided for students living the required distance from Dunbar Magnet School. These bus regulations have been established to provide for the safe transportation of each student. Failure to follow bus rules may result in temporary or permanent bus suspension.



· Students will board and exit the buses in a quiet and orderly manner

· Students will talk softly and remain seated when traveling on the bus

· Students will wait at approved bus stops in an orderly manner

· Students must be picked up and unloaded only at approved bus stops

· Students will respect the rights and property of others and refrain from disturbing any fellow passengers

· Students will refrain from distracting the bus drivers with noise or unruly conduct

· Students will refrain from putting heads and hands outside windows


Consequences for Bus Misbehavior

1st   (step)     Referral Parent Contact/Conference/warning

2nd (step)     Referral Bus Suspension for 3-7 days

3rd   (step)     Removal from bus

Fighting on the bus may result in a suspension from the bus and/or school.

*Repeated violations may result in a suspension from the bus and/or removal From Dunbar*

These rules will be strictly enforced!