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Homework Policy


Students will have math homework every night. Students are required to read every night! If prerequisite skills have not been mastered, some assignments may require additional time for some students. Special assignments may vary from the guideline from time to time. Homework is designed to provide necessary reinforcement for concepts and skills taught during the school day. It is not given to introduce new materials.


Enrichment assignments are tailored to the individual child and may be given when the teacher feels it is appropriate for the student.


The main value of homework, in addition to reinforcement, is the experience it gives the student to work on his/her own. Therefore, students are expected to do homework independently. Taking the assignment home, completing the work and remembering to bring the work in are all important processes in developing responsibility. Homework is a part of the student’s total education process and his/her commitment to the school program.


Academic Progress Notification to Parents

Progress reports: parents will be notified of their child’s academic progress throughout the year in each subject. Progress reports will be issued every four weeks.

INOW Home: Parents are able to check their child’s grades via the internet using the child’s personal identification number (PIN) and social security number. The PIN is provided by the school. Grades should be current each week.