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Textbook Policy


· All textbooks issued are the property of the state of Alabama and the Mobile County Public School System. All textbooks must be returned to the issuing school by the student when he/she is promoted, transferred, or when attendance is terminated for any other reason

· When a student is assigned a textbook, he/she becomes responsible for any damages incurred. A "Damaged Textbook Assessment Sheet" will be used to report damages and damage fees

· Students should cover all textbooks

· Students should keep all textbooks clean outside and inside

· Students should not mark in textbooks with pens or pencils

· Students should not turn down, tear, or in any way damage the pages of textbooks

· Students should not lend or borrow textbooks

· Students should not leave textbooks exposed to weather. If this should happen, students will be charged the replacement value of the book

· Students are responsible for any lost, abused, or damaged textbooks in excess of that which would result from normal use

· If a student owes any money for a textbook, he/she will not be issued textbooks the following year until those fees have been paid